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OMG Symphonia!!

A Tales of Symphonia Role Playing Community

OMG Symphonia Role Playing Community
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- A couple of months after the journey to save both worlds took place, everything in the reunited world seemed to be at peace. The Desians were dead, Cruxis was no more, the Renegades were to help the people of the united world adjust to their new situation, and Lloyd was preparing to go on a new journey to rid the world of exspheres. This peace did not last very long.

Meltokio. The chief city of Tethe'alla became the site where the clones were first released onto the masses. The clones, or doubles, were made as mockeries of their true personalities by Rodyle of numerous people to cause chaos. One of the clones, the clone of Genis, took it upon himself at first to lead the destruction of the city. Other clones began to join him, seeking a leader for their chaotic activities. Not long after, the clone disbanded his group, but not before leveling most of the city, save Zelos' Mansion, where a majority of the former comrades were gathered, kidnapping, and plotting murders.

Clones weren't the only thing different to come into the world. There also was a mass ressurection that took place over time, people who were thought long dead returning to life in this new chaotic world. Even more strange, people who had been killed in this world also returned to life, andthe clones, who could be killed, automatically would regenerate within a few mere moments. It took the group quite some time, but they finally were able to find out that the cause of this chaos was Rodyle, one of the former Grand Cardinals.

"Plotholes" are... well, they have different degrees of intensity. They usually strike at random, and tend to have varying effects on people, not all of them pleasant. There have been some noted 'stable' holes, but even then, they aren't trustworthy in the least. Some of these holes are controlled by Rodyle, Abyssion, the "animated" ranch, or completely of their own accord, which are usually the most dangerous.

A year has passed since the world has been warped by Rodyle's machinations. The small group continues to live on, though their numbers have grown less, and their cause seems more futile as time goes by. Some clones have joined them, accepted, their personalities stable. Other clones are still out there, unsure of where their loyalties lie. The stress from this war has taken a toll on just about everyone mentally and physically, as they continue to live on and struggle with the dangers of everyday life. Currently the group seems to have taken the Iselia Ranch as their home base, but soon changes will be made so that they don't have to stay there, as long as they have a way of maintaining communication with one another.

Information on Transmitters"


Hi! Welcome to the OMG Symphonia Role Playing Community. Loosely based off of the infamous OMG Naruto community, OMG Symphonia includes both "in character" (IC) and "out of character" (OOC) versions of each character. The OOC versions are the clones, whose personalities vary from mild to deranged, but also change through time and interaction.

The rules are fairly simple.

1. First of all, activity and inactivity: A character must make at least one post and two threads during a three week period to be considered active. At the minimum, that is. We encourage you to RP as much as possible, just hopefully not to a point of excess spam.

2. ALL normal posts go in this community. These include asterisk-format entries. It is also recommended that you post to your character journals for keeping track of posts-sake, but it isn't mandatory, as RP no longer takes place in those posts.

3. ALL logs and "tag" logs go to tag_symphonia. These include third-person prose entries.

4. Everything that pertains to the RP but is not actually role playing goes in ooc_symphonia.

5. Once you join, make sure your personal journal has ooc_symphonia friended. All RPing journals must friend omg_symphonia and tag_symphonia as well.

6. Please try to keep up with other posts. The players put a lot of work into their RPing and it is important for plot purposes to keep up with others.

7. Please remember to tag your entry with the name of your character. It makes looking through archives a lot easier.

8. Plots. There are plots currently taking place, though if anyone is confused, or wants to broach a new idea, ooc_symphonia is there for your needs. :)

9. Please browse the archives from time to time in your spare time. It helps a lot more than summaries.

10. Respect your fellow players. And have fun! There's a lot of fourth wall left to break, and the world's not quite safe yet. We need to broaden new horizions, but we can't do it without your help.


Listed below are the characters who are "free", "taken", and "free with a history", and "in demand". Characters with history means that the previous player has vacated their role, but the character itself is still integral to the game, and has been developed to a point where their personality is pretty much set. There is a list of characters who can be "wiped" as well, though it might be good to figure out why exactly they were wiped and what their purpose will be now. Characters with histories are in higher demand than the random character, so please choose carefully to ensure interaction for your character.

The summaries haven't been finished, but it will list a few lines about the taken/characters with history to help familiarize the newcomer to the game. A lot has happened in a year.

We have a handful of OC characters, but are not accepting any more due to the fact that the game does have a lot of potential characters, and that it is more fulfilling if we at least have a full cast of the more prominent characters than random ones. IE, making an IC!Harley is all well and good, but it's probably going to be hard to find interaction at first, especially if he's not where the majority of the cast is located or doesn't have a past with them! However, taking multiple characters is encouraged, if you have the time and dedication to RP, so if one of your characters ends up a little more obscure, you'll have an easier way of getting them into the game rather than starting with a completely obscure character and little interaction. At least, I hope that makes sense! If you have questions, please ask.

Currently Taken Characters (characters who's roles are filled and have really changed during the year)

IC Lloyd: queenie_z | twin_swords
IC Colette: spring_sonata | klutzy_angel
IC Genis: neoasyl | geniusmage
IC Raine: greyangel | ruinmode
IC Kratos: queenie_z | lone_seraphim
IC Sheena: greyangel | ninja_summoner
IC Zelos: shadwitz | hottest_chosen
IC Presea: greyangel | pink_axwoman
IC Regal: neoasyl | convicted_one
IC Martel: relares | __revival
IC Virginia: greyangel | lovesyoumost
IC Yggdrasill: neoasyl | theancienthero
IC Forcystus: jamiefawkes | __unsunghero
IC Pronyma: greyangel | leonazium
IC Juliet (Seles' mother): greyangel | frostblossom
IC Mylene: relares | redsnowqueen
IC Seles: relares | mercilessfrost
IC Kloitz: spring_sonata | lost_fatherhood
IC Tabatha: renkokitomi | failed_vessel
OOC Lloyd (Crazy!Lloyd): queenie_z | wrathofdesire
OOC Genis (Erasmus): spring_sonata | indignant_mage
OOC Raine (Leafil): greyangel | omg_ruins11
OOC Sheena (Sheena-chan): relares | omgwoe
OOC Seles (Ellie): greyangel | omg_absolute
OOC Forcystus (Forcy): downburst | forcy_chan
OOC Rodyle (Lorenzo): tardious | omg_manacannon
OOC Magnius: tardious | omg_puppies

Characters in Demand (aka we would be really really happy if we could get these roles filled; summaries coming soon, but until then, try to find their posts/interactions)

IC!Abyssion swordofnebilim
IC!Yuan (currently Evil!Yuan or “Johnny”) (azure_anguish)
IC!Zelos hottest_chosen
IC!Rodyle (devious_desian
IC!Botta renegade_desian
IC!Remiel angelicjudgment
IC!William onceahero_

Other Open Characters with History, less demand

IC!Anna (anna_irving (has history, can be wiped)
OOC!Presea (Enyo) (ilikehammers) (has history, can be wiped)
OOC!Remiel (angel_shizzle) (can stand to be more developed)
IC!Mireille (Colette's Mother) (primnwild)
OOC!Zelos (pimpinchosen) (can stand to be more developed)
IC!Noishe (protozoan_dog)
OOC!Juliet omg_lesbo (has history, but can be wiped)
OOC!Kvar (has history, but can be wiped)
Characters That Can be Wiped


Other Characters


[More forthcoming, and likewise the OOCs of these characters are open as well, but again, at least try to get an established character before looking around for an obscure one.]

Other special cases

OOC!Kratos, aka Dunamis (rebirth and OOC!Yuan, aka Gabriel (lost_my_ring) are no longer available, since the muns chose to leave the game and those two are "happily married and no longer bothering with the people of the ranch". Their history remains.

[However, Rodyle is always making clones, so if a new clone Kratos or a new clone Yuan is made (that isn't completely mindless), they'd be working for him and not looking to change alliances at the first possible moment.]*


Anyone who wants a "serious" character -- including pre-existing players -- have to app for them.

How do you apply for a character? Well, that’s easy. Fill out this application and comment on this screened entry with it, or if you wish to be more effective, email queenie_z and relares. Most OOCs are fairly easy to get; comment there with the concept you'd like to go with as well as contact both of the mods with said concept and we’ll get back to you ASAP. The mods are usually on every day, so they should be able to get to you fairly quickly in terms of going over your application.

And yes, here it is:

Your Name: (Your name, nickname, alias, whatever. Just so we don't have to call out 'Hey, you!' or something when we want your attention.)
OOC Journal: (Your personal journal, so we know where to find you.)
Email Address: (Again, this is just a thing so we can keep in touch with you.)
Instant Message Clients: (We are all really friendly. In fact, overly friendly. The game’s main IM client is MSN, although a good number of us have AIM. So, please. Put any SNs you feel comfortable letting us know, so we can get to know you better!)

Character Name: (Who are you applying for?)
Character Personality: (What does your character act like? How do they act around other people? What’s really going on in their head?)
Brief history: (A brief history of the character, so we know that you know the character.)
Example RP: (Third-person POV past tense please. Although we don’t use our tag community often, it is a pretty big part of the community.)
Example Post: (Just an example post that you would make in the community. Take a look at our main community to see what we’re talking about.)

Thank you!